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Our Services and Programs

Our Services

Schwing Marketing Services offers both full, integrated marketing programs, A La Carte services, and a unique marketing membership. Learn more about each to see which is right for you!

Our Marketing Services

  1. Traditional Marketing 
    • Printed Media (Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Cards, Banners, Signage)
    • Mass Media (Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, etc.)
  2. Direct Marketing (Direct messages, Texts, Phone calls, Postcards, Direct mail, etc.)
  3. Email Marketing (Newsletters, Customer Relationship Management, Email automation, Drip campaigns, Sequencing programs etc.)
  4. Content Marketing (Website design and development, Social media posts, Infographics, Blogs, Podcasts, E-Books, Webinars, Videos, etc.)
  5. Social Media Marketing (Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and other social media platforms to promote your business and proactively engage with your key audiences)
  6. Search Engine Marketing (Optimizing SEO and visibility, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Keyword and Keyphrase strategizing, etc.)
  7. Word-Of-Mouth Marketing (Creating shareable content, Asking for referrals, Requesting reviews and testimonials, Hashtag campaigns, etc.)
  8. Acquisition Marketing (Lead optimization and nurturing strategizing, Engaging prospects, Auto-Bot lead management, Perfecting the customer journey, Conversion tactics, Sequencing tactics, Analyzing site traffic, etc.)
  9. Guerrilla Marketing (Introducing your brand in high-traffic physical locations, Focus on local and proximity opportunities, Flyers, Signage, Promoting and sponsoring live events, Farmers markets, Street fairs, etc.)
  10. Network Marketing (Developing a comprehensive list of valuable market individuals as clients, prospective clients, referral sources, co-marketing partners, etc., and then proactively communicating and developing key relationships with each individual for mutual benefit.
  11. Relationship Marketing (Loyalty reward programs, Referral programs, Member discounts, Subscription services, etc.)
  12. Community Marketing (Online and In-Person Groups, Industry Strategy Sessions, Social Media Groups, Event Participation, Developing Partnerships, etc.  Participation is the critical differentiator.)
  13. Influencer Marketing (Utilizing online experts to reach out to their audiences)
  14. Affiliate Marketing (Offering commission to Affiliates For leads and sales)
  15. Co-Marketing (Collaboration between partners with complementary products, services or brands, Partnering on marketing campaigns, Sharing results, revenues and market intelligence, etc.)
  16. User-Generated Marketing (Encouraging Audiences to Share Content by Enticing Them With Competitions/Promotional Offers/Giveaways)
  17. Event Marketing (Exhibiting at events, Hosting an industry trade show/conference/seminar, Sponsoring events, Synch promotion with speaking engagements, Industry retreats, Hospitality suites, etc.)
  18. Cause Marketing (Connecting your brand to a social issue while promoting your business, Donating charities in your market’s interest, etc.)
  19. Educational Marketing (Hosting an educational program, Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, Writing a book, E-Learning online libraries, 1:1 Coaching sessions, etc.)
  20. Merchandise Marketing (Giveaways, branded merchandise, gifts, etc.   All focused on your clients’ needs and all with your logo and brand.)
  21. Public Relations Marketing (Maintaining a positive brand image, Participating in interviews/guest appearances/speaking engagements, Creating and distributing news releases, etc)
  22. Brand Marketing (Forging an emotional connection with individuals in your key audiences through increasing brand awareness, solidifying and consistently communicating your business’ Mission/Purpose so that clients understand your value to them.)

Our A La Carte Services vary in price due to the vast amount of offerings. Contact us directly to learn more.