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Who We Are - The Schwing Team

What drives our purpose and impact is our passion for what we do. Our team cares.

Yes, we all have the skills and talents to deliver great services for our clients. But, the key is the drive and passion each team member at Schwing Marketing Services brings in addition to their incredible capabilities.

You’ll know it the minute you meet us. There’s that intangible vibe you get when we start walking you through our marketing processes. You’ll see it when we help you create your value proposition and your unique selling proposition. We’ll be there to help you identify your Ideal Client and we will guide you through choosing focused, cost-effective media.

The Heavy Hitters

Tom Schwing

Founder & CEO

Julio R. Sanoja

Digital Analyst

Emily Black

Creative Director

Nona Noble

Social Media

Katherine Anderson

Website Developer

Our Clients

Our client list is ever-growing and changing by the week! For the most accurate information, please contact us directly.