Helping people who help other
people and the planet.

Schwing Integrated Marketing Services, LLC is a
strategic integrated marketing agency based in
Denver, CO. Since 1983, we’ve dedicated our time
and expertise to understanding what works and
what doesn’t when it comes to effectively
communicating your core value proposition — so
you don’t have to.

Our Purpose

We strive to help others who have the same passion of caring for others and our planet. Our purpose is sustenance. That means our clients are equally as interested in helping their own patrons thrive in the most important areas of life:



Clean Air

Caring for Animals

Assisting Seniors



Regenerating Soil

Cleaning and Respecting Our Oceans

Environmental Services


Clean Water



Human Rights

Our Impact

We work to help our clients succeed and thrive on an individual and person basis. We create a conducive environment that assists our clients in helping their own clientele.  For us, it is gratifying to help guide others in their business journey, and with their goals and aspirations. Most importantly, to deliver on promises and watch them and their clients bloom. That is what makes life worth living.

First, we help our clients succeed and create financial abundance. We don’t stop there though as most would, instead we take our responsibility two steps further and introduce them to much larger benefits. We create a chain of prosperity for our clients directly, and their clients subsequently.

Our Passion

What drives our Purpose and Impact is our Passion for what we do.  Our team cares.

Yes, we all have the marketing skills and talents to deliver great services for our clients.  The Schwing Marketing team could work for any marketing firm on the planet.  They’re that good.  But, the key is the Passion each person at Schwing Integrated Marketing Services brings in addition to their incredible capabilities.

You’ll know it the minute you meet us.  There’s that intangible vibe you get when we start walking you through our marketing processes. You’ll see it when we help you create your value proposition and your unique selling proposition. We’ll be there to help you identify your Ideal Client. And we will guide you through choosing focused, cost-effective media. We bring Passion for our Purpose and our Impact.  We also bring Passion for our marketing knowledge, strategy, creativity, and delivery.

These are our services…our GPS to Your Success.

The first step is Strategy.  We sit down with you and our Marketing Questionnaire.  Together we will discuss and answer. The result is that we have the information we need to build your personalized marketing program.  We’ll end up with your Market, Message, Media, and Metrics.

Market: We help you identify your Ideal Client.  Who are the people who are most likely to want, need, and buy your product or service?  Who are the people who appreciate what you offer?  We will discover clients who will come back time and again for your product or service.  We will find them – geographically, by business, and by lifestyle. 

Message:  We help you identify, define and develop your primary value proposition in order to effectively communicate what you deliver to your clients.  What is it that your Ideal Client needs and what do you need to communicate with them so they understand the value you bring to them?

Media:  The next step is to select the best, most cost-effective media channels to reach these individuals.  We’ll walk you through our “day in the life” process where we track a typical day in the life of your Ideal Client.  Where do they go?  What do they do?  When are they out there?  Who influences their lives?  The answers to all those questions gives us a great view of where your message would have the most impact on your Ideal Clients.

Metrics:  At the very beginning of the program we will build a metric system to measure each upcoming component of your marketing program.  This must be built prior to launching the program. It’s important to test and measure every component of the program so we can make nimble shifts to maximize your marketing dollars.  Metrics and measurement have always been important in marketing, but with new technologies and online marketing capabilities, these metrics are much more effective than ever.

Another key piece of the Metrics measurements is the financial aspect.  What are your financial goals for your marketing program?  How much money do you have to spend on marketing?  Where is your marketing dollar going to have the greatest impact?  How can we begin to deliver payout as quickly as possible?  Every tactical decision is measured against market impact as a function of cost.  Cost is a major metric for every business.  Unless your marketing is generating positive revenue, it’s not worth spending the money.

The next step is your Marketing Program.  

Out of all that preparation and brainstorming comes your actual marketing program.  Schwing Marketing Services offers skilled professionals in a wide variety of marketing services to deliver on every aspect of your marketing program 

As our name says, everything we do is integrated.  Each marketing component complements and adds value to each other.  The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. There is significant value in integration from cost-savings, to consistent messaging, to synergies among several diverse media, and how each impacts your prospective Ideal Customer during her/his day.

Our list includes expertise and experience in:

Marketing Strategy

Market Positioning

Online Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Website Design and Development


Virtual Meetings

Trade Shows


Content Development/Management

E-Learning Modules

Sales Synchronization and Support


Public Appearances


Directory Listings

Competitive Analysis

Brand Development and Management

Social Media

E-Commerce Management


Back-Office Bots and Conversation


Industry Events




Media Development and Management

Speaking Engagements


Public Relations

Business Networking Association Memberships

You name the medium, and our team has done it effectively.  We might also suggest skywriting,  hot air balloon design (and piloting), tattoos – and most recently, sanitary masks with your logo on them..  Been there…done that.  Whatever it takes to communicate your message to your market.

The upshot is that we deliver the best services in all areas of marketing…from strategy through  measuring every tactic and delivering the greatest bang for your marketing buck.  

Our Networking System

We encourage our clients to identify their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  Ours is our skill at networking on behalf of our clients.  Networking has evolved into a primary marketing tool and we have sharpened our networking systems and processes to deliver valuable market expansion for our clients.

Tom Schwing has practiced Network Marketing throughout his career, bringing key colleagues together from vertical industry networks, vital influencer networks, product and service-specific networks and special interest networks.  Introducing our clients to important network partners and helping them create mutually beneficial relationships accelerates and expands the end result of any marketing campaign.

Then we go one step farther.  We expand our first level networks by drawing in their networks.  Our networks’ networks.  Exponential opportunities and unbelievable cost-effectiveness.  Ask our clients how important and valuable our Networking System is for them.