Our Team

Marketing is effective communication.  And effective communication is between two or more people.  In this case, it’s obviously you and your Ideal Client. 
The key is having thoughtful, bright, creative, articulate, passionate people on your team.
That’s the Schwing Marketing Team. 

Tom Schwing


Tom is an experienced marketing professional with a specialization in utilizing marketing to enhance go-to-market sales support results. 

Tom helps our clients identify their ideal customers, create their value statement and help their customers understand and buy based on well-articulated unique selling propositions.  He’s an award-winning translator between client offering and customer needs, often in arcane technical languages. 

Tom also brings experience in all levels and areas of business, Fortune 500 through to entrepreneurial start-up management and growth. General Electric, Boeing, American Express, Sun Microsystems, CH2M Hill, SunEdison, Philips Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Apple Computers, US West, Quest Telecommunications, and Pentax plus over 150 start-ups and small business clients.

Carrie Webber

Carrie enjoys thinking creatively and designing marketing pieces that are tailored to each client.  She graduated from James Madison University in 2012 with a degree in Marketing. Since graduating, Carrie has worked as a Marketing Professional in many industries, including real estate, insurance and construction before joining Schwing Marketing.

Her skills include social media marketing, graphic creation and web development.  Carrie lives in Ridgecrest, CA and enjoys exploring the outdoors, happy hours with friends and facetime with her family in Virginia.

Emily Black

Emily is PR professional and content-editor at Schwing Marketing who is passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content. She especially enjoys writing blog posts and marketing copy to promote products and services. Her skills include proofreading, restructuring and editing, and updating social media pages. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her reading, painting, writing, cooking, and creating. Emily was born and raised in Charleroi, a small town south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Throughout middle school and high school she developed a love for creative writing, and continued to pursue it into college with a Major in English. Her side hustles include working on her personal blog and poetry book, as well as bartending part time. Emily’s personal goals in life are to travel often, love unconditionally, and learn every day.

Mimi Mahan

Mimi is the go-to person for Project Management. She has a Masters degree in Public Administration and is an expert at taking individual people and creating a team. She really values her clients as well as her teammates. Outside of work, she is passionate about environmental sustainability with her nonprofit, Ecolife. In her free time she enjoys exploring the world with her rescue pups.

Julio Sanoja

Julio is a Bilingual engineer with 20 years of remote digital experience in digital consulting and strategy, digital business development, SEO, marketing, Ads and project management.

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