Our Clients

One & Done offers a powerful suite of digital tools to help their clients grow their brands and business.  Their services include: Branded APPs, Virtual and In-Person Networking Events,  Sales Opportunity Development Platform & CRM,
E Marketplace, Travel and Commerce Tools
Mastery of Positive Thinking is a self-improvement center that helps clients maintain positive emotional states, become emotionally strong, live an empowered ‘comfortable in your own skin’ life.  Mastery of Positive Thinking helps both individuals as well as companies and their employees.

Sarah Morgan is a mom, nutritionist, and creator of the Buddies in My Belly program, as well as the author of the book by the same name.  Buddies in My Belly introduces a fun and easy way to empower kids with healthy life and nutrition choices.
Maraia & Associates is an elite professional coaching firm providing business development training for accountants, attorneys and other professional services firms. 

Energy Experts USA works with renewable energy contractors and factories to build projects that have far better economics than any one company might offer.  The EEUSA Team has decades of experience, with thousands of completed renewable energy projects. 
The Y on Earth Community is a movement led by Ambassadors that empowers people with practical, hands-on information and inspiration to enhance health and well-being (Thriving) while deeply aligning our lives and communities with global strategies for regeneration and stewardship (Sustainability).
Competitive Edge is a Character Development academy that just happens to teach MMA.  Competitive Edge teaches Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combining the styles of Karate, Kickboxing (Muay Thai), Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). 
The Combined Energy Tech Team are specialists at running accurate economic models for projects.  Utilizing custom-built modeling tools CET adds specific energy efficiency equipment to renewable projects that reduces both the kilowatt hours (kWh) usage and the kilowatt (kW) peak electrical demand side of your electric bills.

One in Wellness is a community group that formed in response to the growing disconnect between true human health and the current dominant systems of care.  The group meets monthly to learn from one another and to connect. At each event there is a presentation on one of the many topics that broaden our awareness of and create opportunities for the practices that lead us and those we care for to healthier, happier and more connected lives.