Days to Take Off in 2021 to Optimize PTO

Days to Take Off in 2021 to Optimize PTO

I think we can agree we all deserve a break after the collective chaos experienced in 2020. Whether you have plans of traveling, taking a “staycation,” or simply just relaxing this year– I’m going to show you how to use only 9 days of PTO that will total to 30 days off. 

In 2021 a lot of the holidays fall on a Monday. This may not sound very exciting, but actually, this means you can take a long weekend while using very little paid time off. Paid time off is an important part of balancing a fulfilling work and personal life. If you’re like most people, the ongoing pandemic has completely morphed your work and home life. Days seemingly run together and are gradually losing their significance. It’s time for a break.

COVID-19 has successfully blurred the lines and boundaries that we were once so accustomed to. While that may continue well into the year, there are solutions. One of these solutions includes taking personal time to rest and rejuvenate. Allow yourself a longer-than-usual break from work. This post is specifically focused on how to treat yourself and maximize consecutive days off without sacrificing PTO. See below.

DatesPTO# Of Days Off
May 28-3114
July 2-514
September 3-614
November 20-2849
December 18-2639

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